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Zimbabwe Axcil Jefferies
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Axcil Jefferies - Career and Success:

Nation: Zimbabwe
Date of Birth : 14 Apr 1994
Place of Birth: Slough

Twitter-account: Axciljefferies
Facebook-page: axciljefferiespage

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F.2 : Formula Racing Level 2
F.3 : Formula Racing Level 3
F.4 : Formula Racing Level 4
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TC : Touringcars
OM : One-Make Series

Axcil Jefferies on twitter:

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    1 day ago
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    3 weeks ago
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    3 weeks ago
  • Profile Pic Solid first day in the books! Let's hope the weather holds up for tomorrow🌨️☃️🙈 #KonradMotorsport #Lamborghini
    3 weeks ago
  • Profile Pic We are back @konrad_motorsport! Already had our first couple of laps round the Nordschleife and man did I miss this…
    3 weeks ago