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USA Mark Neuhaus
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Mark Neuhaus - Career and Success:

Nation: USA
Date of Birth : 18 Feb 1955
Place of Birth: New York

Season   Series / Class Standing Team / Car / Races  
2003 GT American LeMans Series, Class GT
GT American LeMans Series, Class GTS
2002 SP American LeMans Series, Class LMP900 17.
SP Grand-Am Sports Car Series, Class SRP 46.
  GrandAm Series, 46. (one race)
2001 GT American LeMans Series, Class GT 35.
1998   Karting
1997   American Cities Racing League, 18.
1996   American Cities Racing League
1995   US Formula Ford
1994   US Formula Ford
1993   US Formula Ford
1992   US Formula Ford
1991   US Formula Ford
1990   US Formula Ford
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