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Italy Gianluca de Lorenzi
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Gianluca de Lorenzi - Career and Success:

Nation: Italy
Date of Birth : 11 Sep 1972
Place of Birth: Ravenna

Season   Series / Class Standing Team / Car / Races  
2018 GT Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, Class PRO Cup
GT Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, Class PRO-AM Cup 26.
AF Corse , Ferrari 488 GTE Evo
1 of 5 races 1 Win
2014 GT Blancpain Endurance Series, Class Gentlemen Trophy 39.
2011 TC International Superstars Series

GT Blancpain Endurance Series, Class PRO-AM Cup 19.
2007 OM Porsche Carrera Cup Italy 2.
  Italian Porsche Carrera Cup
2005 TC FIA World Touringcar Championship
  Italian Touringcars, 2. (GDL-BMW)
2004   Italian Touringcars, 3. (GDL-BMW)
2003 GT Grand-Am Sports Car Series, Class GT
  Italian Touringcars, 2. (GDL-BMW)
2002 TC European Touringcar Championship
  Italian Touring Master Cup
2001 SP FIA Sportscar Championship, Class SR1
TC European Supertouring Championship 7.
2000   European Touringcars, 7. (Nordauto-Alfa)
1999   Italian CIVT Series, N4-2. (RacingBox-Alfa)
1998   Italian CIVT Series, N4-Champion (RacingBox-Alfa)
1997   Italian CIVT Series, N6-Champion (RacingBox-Seat)
1996   Italian CIVT Series, N6 (Peugeot)
1995   Italian Formula 3
  Italian Formula Renault
1994   Italian Formula 3 (some races)
  Italian Formula 2000 (Assosport, some races)
1993   Italian Formula Europa Boxer (Meroni, some races)
1992   Italian Formula 3 (RTS, Ghinzani)
1991   Italian Formula 3 (BVM)
1990   Karting
1989   Karting
1988   Karting
1987   Karting

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