Le Mans Cup - Season 2024

Le Mans Cup - Season 2024 Typ 1 Info

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Top6 Driver Standings:
Class LM P3:
Pos Points Driver Nation Photo
1.35David Droux
 1 win
SwitzerlandDavid Droux
1.35Adrien Chila
 1 win
FranceAdrien Chila
3.35Fabien Michal FranceFabien Michal
3.35Hadrien David FranceHadrien David
5.33Jens Reno Møller
 1 win
DenmarkJens Reno Møller
5.33Tommy Foster
 1 win
Great BritainTommy Foster

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Class LM GT3:
Pos Points Driver Nation Photo
1.51Alessandro Balzan
 2 wins
ItalyAlessandro Balzan
1.51Matthew Kurzejewski
 2 wins
USAMatthew Kurzejewski
3.33Francisco Rueda SpainFrancisco Rueda
3.33Andrew Gilbert Great BritainAndrew Gilbert
5.25Karen Gaillard SwitzerlandKaren Gaillard
5.25Célia Martin FranceCélia Martin

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next Event:
Le Mans

14 Jun 2024 (Race 3 of 7)
15 Jun 2024 (Race 4 of 7)

last Event:
Le Castellet (Paul Ricard)

04 May 2024
(Race 2 of 7)

Class LM P3:
1. David Droux
1. Adrien Chila
2. Ioan Mihnea Stefan
2. Jamie Falvey
3. Hadrien David
3. Fabien Michal

Class LM GT3:
1. Alessandro Balzan
1. Matthew Kurzejewski
2. Karen Gaillard
2. Célia Martin
3. Francisco Rueda
3. Andrew Gilbert

Winners of this season

Class LM P3:

1 win:
Tommy Foster
Jens Reno Møller
David Droux
Adrien Chila

Class LM GT3:

2 wins:
Alessandro Balzan
Matthew Kurzejewski