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Axel Gnos

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Axel Gnos - Career and Success:

Nation: Switzerland
Date of Birth : 30 Apr 2003
Place of Birth: Lausanne

Facebook-page: Axel-Gnos-101528028608923
Instagram-Account: axelgnos

Season   Series / Class Standing Team / Car / Races  
2021 F.3
2020 F.4
20 of 20 races
2019-2020 F.3
2019 F.4
21 of 21 races
21 of 21 races
5 of 20 races
2018 F.4
6 of 21 races
2017   Karting
2016   Karting
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Intermediate standings during the current season.
Wins and Top-Positions in season standings are marked.
When racing in several series in a season the chronologically later participation is always on top.

F.1 : Formula Racing Level 1
F.2 : Formula Racing Level 2
F.3 : Formula Racing Level 3
F.4 : Formula Racing Level 4
SP : Sportscars Prototypes
GT : Sportscars GT
TC : Touringcars
OM : One-Make Series

Axel Gnos on twitter:

  • Profile Pic Had a great start in race 2 and then found my rhythm, improving the pace compared to race 1. In the end I even mana…
    2 weeks ago
  • Profile Pic I made a few track limits in Q1 which compromised my fastest lap. Overall it was a bad session from mine and it’s a…
    2 weeks ago
  • Profile Pic Axel impressive start in Spa-Francorchamps, which brought him from P30 on the grid to P14!
    4 weeks ago
  • Profile Pic Up and down weekend in Spa. Good start in race 1, as I gained many positions. The visibility was very poor, and cro…
    2 months ago
  • Profile Pic FP1 and FP2 done and dusted, some good points and a lot left to learn. The track is amazing and I enjoy every lap I…
    2 months ago