FIA Formula 1 World Championship - Season 2019

FIA Formula 1 World Championship - Season 2019 Typ 1 Info

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The FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2019 is the seventieth season of Formula 1 and the sixth since the introduction of the V6 Hybrid engines.
A number of aerodynamic changes have been included in the regulations designed to facilitate overtaking.
In addition, from 2019 a bonus point will be awarded for the fastest race lap.

Top6 Driver Standings:
Pos Points Driver Nation Photo
1.387Lewis Hamilton  10 winsGreat BritainLewis Hamilton
2.314Valtteri Bottas  4 winsFinlandValtteri Bottas
3.260Max Verstappen  3 winsNetherlandsMax Verstappen
4.249Charles Leclerc  2 winsMonacoCharles Leclerc
5.230Sebastian Vettel  1 winGermanySebastian Vettel
6.95Pierre Gasly FrancePierre Gasly

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next Event:
Abu Dhabi

01 Dec 2019 (Race 21 of 21)

last Event:
Sao Paulo

17 Nov 2019
(Race 20 of 21)
1. Max Verstappen
2. Pierre Gasly
3. Carlos jr. Sainz

Winners of this season

10 wins:
Lewis Hamilton

4 wins:
Valtteri Bottas

3 wins:
Max Verstappen

2 wins:
Charles Leclerc

1 win:
Sebastian Vettel