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Russia Robert Shwartzman

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Robert Shwartzman - Career and Success:

Nation: Russia
Date of Birth : 16 Sep 1999
Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg

Twitter-account: ShwartzmanRob

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Intermediate standings during the current season.
Wins and Top-Positions in season standings are marked.
When racing in several series in a season the chronologically later participation is always on top.

F.1 : Formula Racing Level 1
F.2 : Formula Racing Level 2
F.3 : Formula Racing Level 3
F.4 : Formula Racing Level 4
SP : Sportscars Prototypes
GT : Sportscars GT
TC : Touringcars
OM : One-Make Series

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  • Profile Pic Я изо всех сил стараюсь сделать всё что в моих силах, чтобы ты мог гордиться мной! Я очень надеюсь что тебе там хор…
    5 days ago
  • Profile Pic Сегодня прошел год ... один год с того дня, как мы с тобой виделись в последний раз, 1 год с того дня, который изме…
    5 days ago
  • Profile Pic I am trying my best to make you proud and make you smile from above. 1 year later it still breaks my heart to think…
    5 days ago
  • Profile Pic It has been one year today...1 year since the day I said goodbye to you, 1 year since the day that changed my life.…
    5 days ago
  • Profile Pic 🔵 ⬅️ SWIPE ➡️ 🔴 Which side are you on? #lightside #darkside Pic
    1 week ago