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Spain Javier Cobian

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Javier Cobian - Career and Success:

Nation: Spain
Date of Birth : 24 Jan 1998
Place of Birth: La Coruña

Twitter-account: jcobian4
Facebook-page: Javier-Cobian-700752176623533

Season   Series / Class Standing Team / Car / Races  
2017 F.3
Dallara F312 - Toyota
3 of 20 races
2015 F.3
Dallara F312 - Toyota

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Javier Cobian on twitter:

  • Profile Pic CHECO QUEDATEEEEE https://t.co/1gMBQy6g5m
    5 hours ago
  • Profile Pic Piel de gallina..... https://t.co/rKlYJpoOge
    9 hours ago
  • Profile Pic Massive relief to see Romain is ok. Huge credit to all the teams, the FIA and F1 for all the safety measures we have in the sport today 🙏
    10 hours ago
  • Profile Pic Viendo la repetición de cómo sale Grosjean de ese infierno solo puedo decir VIVA NOMEX!!!!!!! 27 segundos metido en el fuego... ACOJONANTE!!
    10 hours ago
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    1 day ago