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Irina Sidorkova

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Irina Sidorkova - Career and Success:

Nation: Russia
Date of Birth : 27 Jun 2003
Place of Birth: Petrozavodsk

Twitter-account: IraSidorkova
Instagram-Account: irasidorkova

Season   Series / Class Standing Team / Car / Races  
2021 F.3
Tatuus F3 T-318 - Alfa Romeo
2019 F.4
18 of 21 races
11 of 13 races
2018 F.4
3 of 21 races
  Russian Junior Circuit Racing Series, 1.
2017   Russian Junior Circuit Racing Series, 2.
2015   Karting
2014   Karting
2013   Karting
2012   Karting
2011   Karting

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F.3 : Formula Racing Level 3
F.4 : Formula Racing Level 4
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TC : Touringcars
OM : One-Make Series

Irina Sidorkova on twitter:

  • Profile Pic How do you like my Partner's branded product? By the way the give-away is still ON in me Telegram => IraSidorkova51 Pic
    4 days ago
  • Profile Pic It was a fantastic test day driving a TCR car! My kid's dream has come true! The nest stop is the Race Weekend at G…
    1 week ago
  • Profile Pic @beadle63 October 9. Guess it will be in YouTube 🤷‍♀️ Later find it out!
    1 week ago
  • Profile Pic BREAKING! I'm going to race my first ENDURANCE, 4h Akhmat Race, driving the fastest FWD racing car - touring Audi R…
    1 week ago
  • Profile Pic Oh, guys, well, I'll have some news coming soon ... I'm in shock myself! 🤪 #SI51 #Motorsport Pic
    2 weeks ago