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Australia Chelsea Angelo
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Chelsea Angelo - Career and Success:

Nation: Australia
Date of Birth : 02 Jun 1996
Place of Birth: Melbourne

Twitter-account: chelz_34
Facebook-page: ChelseaAngeloRacing

Season   Series / Class Standing Team / Car / Races  
2014 F.3
Dallara F305 - AMG Mercedes

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Chelsea Angelo on twitter:

  • Profile Pic Wishing everyone luck for this weekends season opener at Tassie 🏁 this makes me more determined to get to Phillip I…
    2 days ago
  • Profile Pic Clearing your mind can be so important when it comes to looking after yourself 💭 it was so nice to be out and about…
    3 days ago
  • Profile Pic Absolutely bummed that I won't be racing in Tassie next week, but this has made me so motivated to get to Phillip I…
    5 days ago
  • Profile Pic School photo ready 🤪 What a line up for 2021 🙌🏼 we will be pushing as hard as we can to get myself back in the VW h…
    7 days ago
  • Profile Pic Work done and dusted!! Now time for some dinner and drinks with friends and family 🤍🥂 hope you all have a lovely we…
    1 week ago